When Faith Does Not Change Our Circumstance

Ask someone what great things God did as a result of their faith and you will either have a wonderful conversation/testimony or a blank stare. I was reading Hebrew 11 not long ago and thanks to God’s Spirit and a commentary by Dr. Erwin Lutzer, I received a better understanding of this unique book of the Bible. Dr Lutzer wrote that, “Faith is not merely receiving from God what we want; faith is the ability to accept whatever God gives us.” My wife was diagnosed with MS in 1995. We both sensed that God would heal her from this disease; but He has not. In fact it is becoming worse everyday. She cannot walk more than 10 feet. I now must help her with most of her basic needs. Yet, through all of this, we both can see everyday the great things He has done for us.

In a world of I want everything yesterday, it is not surprising how we may have lost sight of the ‘promises of God.’ My faith tells me that Heaven is my destination. I did not pick it; God chose it for me. But I did not realize that until I was to “diligently seek Him.”  (v.6)

I believe some churches have led people down a path of destruction in that everything a person desires will be given to them by God. But here is the truth as I understand it from Scripture: According to the promise of God, when Jesus Christ died on the cross, our redemption was complete. But do we inherit all of God’s promises now? Can we claim it all now? No, we cannot. Moses, Abraham, Rahab and all the other ‘rocks of faith’ did not see the promise.

We are on a slippery path if we believe that we are going to receive all the “promises” of God before our day comes to leave this earth. If we live this way, we will find ourselves empty. Live with what God has given us and we will be full everyday.


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