“That I May Finish My Race with Joy” Acts 20:24

I enjoy sport; but I do not worship it. I’m a great spectator and always cheer for the ‘underdog.’  But recently I witnessed a sporting event that a week later still amazes me. At the 30 mile cross country skiing at the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Norwegian skier finished ahead of the German skier by 3/10th of a second.  Can you imagine that? Coming in second place; being ‘beat’ by 3/10th of a second. I understand it takes .33 of a second to blink an eye. How do you train to make up that difference?

Paul considered his ministry as a race; a race that is winnable for those in Christ. We are all winning and we are accompanied by other winners. However,the loser(s) in this particular race are those who do nothing; their faith cup is full but it is not overflowing

I have come in first in many things, second and third place more times than I would want to admit. Although I have no plans in entering the Olympic Games, I do plan to continue to compete in life; more importantly, help others see the finish line, the rewards of finishing what he or she has started. I know if you are a Chicago Cub fan, those thoughts do not help. However, life does ask us to give our best in all we do. I believe when we do our best, we will always come in first. What joy!

B It  just took you 5/10ths of a second to read that letter B


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