In the U.S. We Write Our Congressman; In Thailand They Have Bloodlettings

If you live in Bangkok,  Thailand and you are angry at your government, this is the way things are done:

” Blood was spilled on the third day of mass demonstrations in Bangkok on Tuesday, but not in the way that many had feared. One syringe at a time, antigovernment protesters sat in air-conditioned tents and allowed medical staff to suction out their contribution.

The Red Shirts, as they are known, pooled the blood and unleashed a red tide at the gates of Government House, the office of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

“If this government is willing to step over our blood it means they really don’t care about us,” said Amphan Nawangern, a 53-year-old protester from northern Thailand.

The protesters held the containers of blood over their heads like offerings to an angry god.

“We will curse them with our blood and our soul!” yelled Nattawut Saikua, a protest leader, to roaring approval from a crowd of several thousand people.

Clumps of coagulated blood clung to the pavement. A Brahman walked barefoot through the foamy red pools and performed a ceremony. A soldier in full riot gear fainted and was taken away by his comrades.”  (New York Times 3/16/2010).

I can only pray for these people that there oppression will be lifted soon. This is one heck of a demonstration.

“Learn to do good;

Seek justice,

Rebuke the oppressor;

Defend the fatherless,

Plead for the widow.”     Isaiah 1:15


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