Does Revelation Exist in Our Neighborhood Church?

“Then after an interval of fourteen years I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, taking Titus along also. It was because of revelation that I went up; I submitted to them the gospel which I preach among the Gentiles….”

Gal 2:1-2

I have had the opportunity to visit many churches over the years, read many monthly church periodicals, listen to tons of speakers, and I can not recall anyone say (or in print) what God has revealed to him or her. It could be of course that I was not there when it did happen. Nevertheless, if you live or work in a church environment, or most of your friends are believers of our Lord Jesus, and many years have gone by, wouldn’t you think that someone along the way would share a revelation from God?

Along the course of a day, month or year, we do get an “urge” to do something that at first does not make any sense; but when we do it, and it is working out beyond expectations, we wonder why we second guessed it in the first place. For those in the faith of our Lord Jesus, can that be classified as revelation? I believe it can be classified as such. Otherwise, “happenstance” is why we did what we did.

I do not believe Paul was bored or desired a change of venue. God obviously saw it as a good time to get His people to talk to His other people. I often wonder what Titus and Barnabas thought about such a journey. Were they excited, skeptical or simply curious to learn more of what they found themselves now involved in?

If you pastor today said that he received a revelation from God concerning the church you are attending, what would be your reaction? If you (and others in the church) are skeptical, is it time to find another church? If others are following and you don’t, what is the course of action?

Paul, as did Titus and Barnabas, trusted God and each other. There is your perfect congregation. Titus and Barnabas followed Paul and the outcome of the Council at Jerusalem was incredible. Paul’s gospel was accepted by James, Paul and John (Gal 2:9).

I believe God’s revelation to man is alive and well today; only to those who believe it is alive and well.


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