So Much Mercy, Yet Still There Is A Hell

“Serpents, brood of vipers! How can you escape the condemnation of hell? Matthew 23:33 At his final visit to the Temple of Jerusalem, Jesus lets the Pharisees have it. He is speaking to the multitudes and to His disciples (Matt 23:1), but it is apparent the Pharisees are within a earshot of His discourse.The cross was in the horizon; the ultimate sacrifice was  soon to happen. Jesus claims there a hell exists and to those temple leaders there is nothing they can do at that moment to escape it. Nothing.  A verdict, in its strongest terms, has been declared.

God, so full of mercy that He becomes man and dies by torture so that we can avert that final ruin. Yet, hell exists. God did give everything so that this horrible destiny could be a joyful conclusion; yet, so much mercy, and there is still a hell.

Whenever Jesus talks about hell as a destination after life on this earth because of sin, he does not mention for how long, It is forever. Just as life eternal with Him is to be forever, so is this “condemnation.”

A great read for this special week leading up to Resurrection Sunday is Isaiah 53 (the entire chapter). Its everything about this week and more. I will share my testimony about that verse this week.


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