Traffic Court on Good Friday: What to Wear?

Somehow, Traffic Court on Good Friday does not seem right. My heart is somewhere else this week and I am to appear at court with a zero chance of being found not guilty. This Friday, the 2nd of April will be for some people just another day. For me and others, it’s a day like no other.

A platoon of guards did not arrest me at midnight; one of Salem’s finest pulled me over and according to his speed gun, told me how fast I was going. He told me to read the 15 inch computer generated ticket and we went our separate ways.  Ticket to court: 24 days. Gethsemane to the cross: less than 24 hours.

One thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven years ago, a trial was held where the outcome had already been prophesied by the accused and the world would never be the same after the verdict was decided. The trial of Jesus is of no comparison to Salem traffic court and no trial before and since could ever be compared to what happen in Jerusalem that night. The high priest adjures Jesus to respond under solemn oath, saying “I adjure you, by the Living God, to tell us, are you the Anointed One, the Son of God?” Jesus testifies in the affirmative, “You have said it, and in time you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Almighty, coming on the clouds of Heaven.” The high priest condemns Jesus for blasphemy, and the Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus concurs with a sentence of death (Matthew 26:57-66)  Based on the scriptural details, the Sanhedrin Trial of Jesus, the Crucifixion of Jesus was most probably on a Friday. The estimated year of Good Friday is AD 33.

I’m not hiring a lawyer. I will ask the judge why a residential speed limit is posted on this particular road; but other than that, I really have nothing else to say. I’m pleading no contest and hope for a reduction of the fine as written on the summons. This will be my first ever speeding ticket in over 40 years of driving. I should be able to walk out of court with my driver’s license still in my wallet; probably a much lighter wallet.

My heart will be somewhere else however. My thoughts will be all about Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, and the last chapters of the Gospels. One thought concerning Good Friday has remained with me every day since I heard it. The reason that blood and water came out of Jesus when the soldier pierced His side on the cross was because there was no more blood left. Think of that; because of beating after beating, nail after nail He had been emptied of His blood.

I think I will wear a tie and carry a handkerchief.


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