Exiting Off Life’s Highway: Is It Exit 54 Already?

Road of Life

Road of Life

Chapter 1 “Got Some Bad News For You”

My wife and I leave our doctor’s office; arm in arm. Not only because of the romance we have for each other, but because of her MS and the unbalance that comes along with this disease she has. We have been seeing this doctor for many years. He is a good man. He has always been our cheerleader, a confidant, and a friend. (When was the last time you prayed with your doctor?)

However, today was different. Our doctor made his announcement as stern as a judge would when issuing a verdict; Cancer has entered my wife and as of this writing we do not know how far it has spread. My wife is 54. She has had MS (diagnosed anyway) since 1995. Unlike when a judge considers a verdict, my wife committed no crime. The body God created for her had done her well up to this time. She gave birth to two children, climbed some western USA mountains, rode a bicycle 250 miles, received a college degree and gave more of her self than should be allowed.  No history of cancer in her family. None. This is not revolutionary that a person like her can get cancer, I know that. Given the cards she has already been dealt, you would think that would be enough for a lifetime. A friend of ours died at 44 because of cancer. We thought that was unique; so young with a family and all.

54 and so much more? One would think so. “Nothing almost sees miracles but misery.” C.S. Lewis wrote in his book ‘Miracles.’ What is the miracle that I am to pray for? No MS, no Cancer…? The best I am coming up with day in and day out since this has all started is ,”please, no pain, please.”

My caring for her with MS has been taxing. Now enter the world of cancer. Care is care, no matter what the ailment is. Tuesday we find out the results of the C-Scan she took the other day. I find out if my responsibilities will grow–she finds out more than I possibly want to know. But then again, all is not gloom. God has prepared us for this moment. Surgery may be the answer and all is well. Or other stuff may happen and that will be the way it goes…

“And do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind.” Luke 12:29

To Be Continued: Chapter 2 We Heard the News Today


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